A Life Decision Was Made Here…

A Life Decision Was Made Here…

Our focus this year comes from Tim Challies’ excellent book Run to Win: The Lifelong Pursuits of a Godly Man.  Challies’ encouragement is to incorporate key core exercises into the routines of our lives so that we might be better equipped to face life’s challenges. I love the picture above! It is helpful to read books and meet together for encouragement, but at some point we each have to make personal decisions in order to change. At some point, we must put down the Cheetos and pick up the Kettle Bell! What does this picture look like in your life? What needs to be shelved? What new disciplines do you need to pick up?

I look forward to meeting again this Friday morning to spur one another on…to Run to Win!

In the meantime, enjoy these two articles below from Charles Stone.



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