Pat Summitt and the Key to Leadership

Pat Summitt and the Key to Leadership

According to Pat Summitt, the key ingredient to leadership is emotional maturity. Hope you take some time this summer to think through this key ingredient for your leadership. Look forward to seeing you in September.

“The point guard position in basketball is one of the great tutorials on leadership, and it ought to be taught in classrooms. Anyone can perfect a dribble with muscle memory; very few people are able to organize and direct followers, which is a far more subtle and multifaceted skill. Leadership is really a form of temporary authority that others grant you, and they only follow you if they find you consistently credible. It’s all about perception — and if teammates find you the least bit inconsistent, moody, unpredictable, indecisive or emotionally unreliable, then they balk and the whole team is destabilized.

Most young people are all the things I just listed, and Michelle was no different. If there is a single ingredient in leadership, it’s emotional maturity.”

From The ‘Single Ingredient in Leadership’ According to Legendary Coach, Pat Summitt by Jena McGregor

“Emotionally mature leaders express four critical abilities. They:
1) Take full responsibility for self;
2) Think without reacting;
3) Connect without “fusing”; and
4) Take “responsible responsibility” for others.”

From Leaders: Develop Emotional Maturity to Foster Excellence by John Engels


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