What is the Daily Office?

What is the Daily Office?

Many Christians struggle when it comes to spending time with God. You may be one of them. The following are some common observations about the current spiritual condition of many people in our churches today:

  • Living off other people’s spirituality.
  • Scattered, fragmented, and un-centered.
  • Physically, spiritually, and emotionally tired.
  • Existing with only a “one-inch deep” spirituality.
  • Praying and communing with God very little.
  • Not very intentional in pursuing Jesus.
  • Experiencing a state of “stuckness” in our spiritual journey with Christ.
  • Struggling to stop our “life on the run.”

The “Daily Office offers us an anchor powerful enough to slow us down amidst the unceasing demands of our lives. The Daily Office differs from what we label today as “quiet time or devotions.” Quiet time or devotions, normally take place once a day, in the mornings, with the emphasis on “getting filled up for the day” or “interceding for the needs around me.” The Daily Office is not so much a turning to God to get something; it is about being with God; about communion with him.

The goal of the Daily Office, as with a “quiet time”, is to pay attention to God throughout the entire day while I am active. This is the great challenge for all of us. Both the enormous pressure of the world, with the demonic powers behind it, and our own stubborn self-wills make it easy to live most of our waking hours without any consistent awareness of God’s presence.

Office” meaning: The Work of God. So, the Daily Office is the time where you are with God and He works on you. You are not doing something, you are being with someone. If you say: “I am going to work on my sun tan.” You don’t actually do any work, instead, you sit still in front of the object (the sun) which does the work. If you sit long enough in the sun your complexion changes, so to with God. The Daily Office is the time you sit in front of God Almighty and he works on transforming you into His image.

Colossians 3:10“…put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator

Try the Daily Office for yourself.