What is Your Crucible?

What is Your Crucible?

Yesterday was officially the first day of Summer; I hope you have enough margin in your schedule to enjoy it!

I enjoyed reading this extended blog post from HBR and I also love the opening photo! After reading the post, I thought about the leadership crucibles the Lord has led me through and how they have greatly shaped my leadership. As Sidney Harmon stated in the article: “He always looked back on the incident (the crucible) as the formative event in his professional life, the moment he came into his own as a leader.”

Here is a challenge! As I read that quote I also wondered about you! What was the crucible for you? When did you come into your own as a leader? My challenge to you is to write it down and share your crucible event and what the Lord taught you with another man. Personally I would love to hear your story and dialogue with you about the “moment you came into your own as a leader.”

When did you experience the crucible and become a leader – love to hear your story


Sharpening one another!

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